Store Training and Education

In addition to training videos and information that we will provide on this site which are intended to help both pet parents and pet professionals to learn more, we also offer distance training sessions to help support a greater understanding of the products from companies that we partner with in order to help pet professionals find the right fit for their customers. This service will be expanded to pet parents in the future.

Distance training is the most flexible as we can accommodate locations and times that may not be possible with in store sessions. Sessions can be done in homes or at retail/pet business locations, single person or in groups, whichever suits best. 

These sessions are via a video format in order to share Power Point presentations, videos and encourage question and answers, while still maintaining at least somewhat of a personal connection. If phone is the only option, that can also be arranged.

In store sessions are also available in some areas if that is your preference. 

For more information or to set up a session(s), please email us here! or through our contact page.