Retail Procedures QR CODE Program


Using QR Code technology to retrieve information can make store ownership and management much easier. 

Especially when it comes to training new employees, which is a very expensive part of owning a retail store - both financially and time-wise!


Quick access to store processes and procedures where they happen using QR codes

Some examples 

  • how to clean areas of the store like bathrooms or self grooming areas
  • caring for equipment like freezers
  • how to stock shelves - rotation - front and facing
  • backroom procedures
  • credit procedures
  • safety procedures like fire and alarm

It also allows employees to easily make sure they are doing their job properly which increases job satisfaction.

QR codes allow for "in the flow" of work learning as employees can easily pull up information on their phone without having to leave the area they are working in or take any one else time to ask for help!

Where they can be used is limitless because QR codes are small and unobtrusive.

Below shows some areas where these can be used and how learning and access to information happens where it is needed.


Using this same technology for education adds a whole other level of ease of access to that information!

Below is an example - scan the code to try it!

NOTE: You will be asked to sign up for an account - this is a one time occurrence and creates your own personal account where you can have access to and organize other programs that you are participating in.

If you prefer to not do this now, the steps involved are below in the "How it Works" section 😊



Having a code in the cat dry food section can bring up key points that will help staff understand more about feeding cats that type of food, as well as tips on how to educate customers about the importance of adding hydration if they do feed dry. 

NOTE: Any type of information you wish to see can be included and is customizable as are the categories available  - contact us for more information on customization.

The information comes up in sections with headers. Clicking on each header will bring up more detailed information.

How It Works:

Scan the code to bring up the category with a brief explanation

Click on "View Actions" to bring up a list of bullet points

Clicking on any of the bullet points brings you to more details

eg. clicking on "Why Dry" would give them insight on why their customers would choose to feed dry 

eg. clicking on GOAL would take them to a suggestion like asking them to teach someone else about dry food because teaching leads to learning

As learning happens, the bullet points become enough to help them remember

These tools are invaluable as a way to onboard new employees and make sure they have the information that you want them to have.

But you can also use these to encourage further learning by adding information, or even setting goals or challenges for employees to achieve.

There are many ways this can be used to allow your staff access to knowledge to give top level customer service!

And the ability to make onboarding and training new employees so much easier will decrease costs and increase productivity.

For more information on how this works, contact us below!