QR CODE On-Shelf Product Information Program PLUS!

There are a lot of products on pet retail shelves these days and it can be overwhelming.

Quick access to quality information while standing in front of the product is key for store owners and employees as well as customers - but doing it well is challenging.

Signage is cumbersome, expensive, easily damaged and limited to a very small portion of information.

QR codes to a website are becoming more popular, but websites often have too much information for what is needed in the moment.

PLUS - there is often pricing as well as store locators which may lead to online sites or other competitors which stores don't want! 

Food Fur Thoughts created a QR code product information retrieval program - the perfect solution for manufacturers and retailers!

Watch this short video to see how it works or, if you prefer reading, see details below!

Scan the QR code at the end to try a demo of the program!

The Details

A QR code is placed on the shelf with the product

It can be on a sign with a few points  - or just a small code beside the price tag

It has targeted, retail friendly information in an easy to read bullet point format 

Clicking on each of the bullet points brings you more detailed information

This targeted information is 

  • accessible by both staff and customers
  • available on their phones anytime for review

NOTE: As learning increases for employees, the bullet points become enough for them to easily help customers 




    A company could also link to other programs they may have as well as opportunities for

    • further learning 
    • online training for retailers  (click on link for details)
    • online information challenges for consumers where they can learn more and possibly earn coupons towards products 

    DEMO - Scan below to try!

    NOTE: You will be asked to sign up for an account with the training platform (Chalenj). This is a free account and a one-time registration that will allow you access to this and all future Food Fur Thought programs!


    Another very powerful marketing aspect of this program is that anyone who chooses to register for an account (optional) will receive LIVE UPDATES on products as well as ongoing communications of company information, promotions, events or more!

    Account holders will receive notifications via email whenever any updates/additions/changes occur!

    For more information on this program, please contact us below!