Enhanced Digital Product Training Using Learn, See and Do

Online learning is good - online training is better

Traditional online training programs are a great way to get information about your products to a large number of people economically and conveniently. 

The problem is learning in this way is often not enough.

The next step in training involves taking what is presented in the videos/text/pics  showing the student how to use it with customers and then put all of this into action for better learning and retention.

Food Fur Thought's unique digital programs use the "learn, see, do" method for a more enhanced learning and training experience by allowing the above but with unique ways to communicate and turn the learning into action!

Watch this video and then read for more information.

As shown in the video another way these enhanced training programs are unique is the option to send bits of the training each day with emailed reminders. 

This way information is "chunked" down, preventing people from losing interest during long trainings and increases retention. It also keeps your product front of mind over several days vs one long session that they just try to get through. 

How it works

1. Invitation is sent to the user from "admin@chalenj.com"

2. They register for their account

3. Each day they receive an email sending them to the next "action" (section within the training) with information designed to lead them down a path of learning.



4. There are many types of information that can be included in each action, including videos, pdf's, pictures, gif's, text or links to websites or documents.

5. Completing an action allows the next day's learning to unlock - which they will be reminded to do with another email. 

6. Users get to keep access to all the information so you can use it    at anytime in a well organized, easy to use platform. 


The choice to send in chunks is fully optional if you prefer to allow users to do the training all at once. 

There are many different ways to have an action, or section, completed. This is where you can create the "do" aspect of learning. Some examples are:

  • have your users upload pictures, videos or documents. 
  • ask them to teach the product to someone else and have them upload a video or scan a specific QR code when completed. 

You could include links to anything that will help stores and staff sell your food. Some examples are:

  • deals the store could download to offer their customers
  • contests you are running
  • signage they can use in the store
  • content for their social media. 
  • links to special tools you have on your website like "find the right food"

You can also allow email to be sent directly from the program for easy communication. Some examples are:

  • email the rep to answer questions or set up a demo or live training
  • email the company support for more advanced questions or customer concerns

Already have an online training that you want to keep but would like to enhance?

Absolutely - we can design a program that includes the link to your existing training but that offers the benefits of turning that knowledge into action!

Food Fur Thought also offers to create content so you don't have to have a way to do that. 

If you want to try an example of the platform that explains and shows what you have read here, scan the QR code below. 

NOTE: You will be asked to sign up for an account with the training platform (Chalenj). This is a free account and a one-time registration that will allow you access to this and all future Food Fur Thought programs!


If you simply want more information or you are a manufacturer and are interested in how to create your own training program please contact us through the form at the bottom or by emailing Diane at diane@foodfurthought.ca