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This page includes information, a link to a sample and forms to register for training, ask questions or inquire about making your own training!

Food Fur Thought has online product training that use a unique micro-action program to help make learning easier and more fun.

Geared towards employees and store owners, each program "chunks" down the information for each of the companies to help keep things fresh and increase retention. 

How it works

1. Invitation is sent to you from "admin@chalenj.com"

2. You register for your account

3. Each day you will receive an email sending you to a short video or pdf with information designed to lead you down a path of learning.



4. There is usually a short, easy, multiple choice or true and false question to answer. Sometimes this unlocks another pdf with a brief explanation. 

5. Completing this allows the next day's learning to unlock - which you will be reminded to do with another email. 

6. As you go, you get to keep access to all the information so you can use it    at anytime!


Most trainings last anywhere from 5 - 15 days and only takes 2-3 minutes a day to complete!

Certificates are awarded upon completion!

NEW Enhanced VIP Program!

After completing the training, participants qualify for the new VIP program where they will receive automatic updates to training, products or other information that manufacturers want to communicate!

Also opportunities for contests, spiffs, other selling tips, etc to enhance the learning experience!


The following trainings are currently available for retailers to sign up for:

1. Forza10 Italian Vet Food

2. Rawz Natural Pet Food

3. Vitakraft Sunseed

4. Caru Pet Foods


Scan the QR code below to try a sample program!

NOTE: You will be asked to sign up for an account with the training platform (Chalenj). This is a free account and a one-time registration that will allow you access to this and all future Food Fur Thought programs!

Work in Retail? Ready to Register?

If you are a retailer and ready to register for existing programs, feel free to fill out the Registration Form below!

Manufacturer? Or Retailer just wanting more info?

If you simply want more information or you are a manufacturer and are interested in how to create your own training program then contact us through the form at the bottom!