Pets and People "On The Table"

A place to learn and a place to teach. All input with the intent to better is welcome, whether a comment, a question, or information you have that we can add to the discussion!

Here is my goal:

  1. To have open table discussions about many things that are important to  give our pets the best that they can have.
  2. To provide a space for people who love pets, whether professionals working in our industry (retailers, veterinarians, health care providers, service providers, manufacturers, etc) or pet parents (or both of course) to learn, teach and discuss with each other with the intention of solving and discovering.
  3. To share stuff that I know about both pets and people - my 2 favourite subjects!

If you have a subject that you would like to have added, shoot me an email wth details and I will take a look!

This forum will be closely monitored as derogatory or any comments that are made with the intent to hurt or simply argue will not be posted.

In fact, it's the tendency toward that in this industry that has motivated me to add this section.

Many questions and uncertainty loom in our industry right now and a meeting of the minds to gather information from many different sources is the answer. Our pets deserve that.

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