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Family owned for over 180 years!

Top quality nutrition and treats for birds and small animals.


Each formula is created based on species specific attributes to satisfy both their natural nutritional and foraging needs.

From kid friendly mini hay bales to make feeding easier and cleaner and encourage hay feeding as it is key to many small animals health, to using Ancient Grains that haven't been altered by humans, Vitakraft Sunseed is always looking to make the best for you and your smaller pets!

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136 products
  • Small Animal Water Bottle
  • Sunseed AnimaLovens Apple Strudels
  • Sunseed AnimaLovens Cranberry-Orange
  • Sunseed AnimaLovens Garden Patch
  • Sunseed AnimaLovens Pretzel Sticks
  • Sunseed Crazy Good Cookin! Cajun Bean & Corn
  • Sunseed Crazy Good Cookin! Jungle Rice
  • Sunseed Crazy Good Cookin! Kung Fu-licious
  • Sunseed Crazy Good Cookin! Nutty Noodle
  • Sunseed Crazy Good Cookin! Pastamore
  • Sunseed Fabulous Fruit Mix Parrot & Conure
  • Sunseed Fantasy Fruit Mix Cockatiel & Lovebirds
  • Sunseed Hay Alfalfa
  • Sunseed Hay Timothy
  • Sunseed Hay Timothy Hay Cubes
  • Sunseed Snappers Berries & Cranberries
  • Sunseed Snappers Papaya & Coconut
  • Sunseed Snappers Raisins & Apples
  • Sunseed Snappers Spring Peas & Cucumber Seeds
  • Sunseed Spray Millet
  • Sunseed Sun Basics Guinea Pig
  • Sunseed Sun Basics Rabbit
  • Sunseed Sun Salad Foraging Treat Guinea Pig
  • Sunseed Sun Salad Foraging Treat Hamsters