Collection: Urinary Care

Listed here are 2 products from Forza that are scientifically proven to help support cats who have been diagnosed with, or are prone to urinary issues like

  • struvite crystals,

  • urintary tract disease/infection or

  • cystitis.

Scientific Research Articles Available Here 

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NOTE:  One of the best preventions for urinary issues is proper hydration (along with so many other health reasons)

Ways to do that are:

  • Constant fresh water supply 

  • Placing additional water dishes around in random and different places will help peak the interest of pets (especially cats) who don't drink enough on their own.

  • Water fountains also help with this. 

  • One of the best ways to increase hydration, is by adding/substituting wet/fresh/raw foods with or instead of any dry food they may get. 

  • Or adding broths on it's own or on the pet's food

 Always consult your vet before making any changes in your pets diet

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