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Feed your pets top quality, human grade, meat based, highly digestible nutrition and donate 100% of the profits  at the same time!

Rawz Natural Pet Food was created to not only give pets top nutrition using lots of meat, no GMO's, no meals, no gums and super high digestibility, but also to raise funds for 3 important causes:

  • Service Dogs
  • Spinal Chord Injury Research 
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Research

The Scott family are no strangers to pet nutrition. Three generations of pet food creation and innovation. Read their history here and watch them tell their story here..

They are also not strangers to the struggles that come from traumatic brain and spinal injuries as 2 of their sons experienced life altering events.

Watch them tell their story here..

Seeing the difference that their dog made in not only the boys recovery, but the families ability to cope made them look more into the service dog world.

They were touched and concerned by how important a role these dogs can play in someone's life, and how expensive they are to raise and train.

They decided they wanted to help, so they created a food that they know would make the lives of pets better and they donate 100% of the profits in order to make the lives of so many others better as well.

Rawz Natural Pet Food is in a class all of it's own.

Whether you choose to feed it exclusively or as past of your rotational diet (did I mention it feeds very well with a raw diet due to its high digestibility?)  every bag/can/pouch you purchase helps make a difference in so many lives and your pets will love you for it!


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