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Founded in 1995 by Dr Sergio Cannello and Dr Gianandrea Guidetti

Forza10 Italian and Icelandic made pet food is 

- scientific research backed              

- vet created

- clean nutrition based

- a solution to help your cat or dog with a variety of ailments such as:

              - allergies

              - intestinal issues like diarrhea, vomiting on a full or empty stomach  

              - kidney/heart

              - urinary

              - ear infections

              - anal glands

              - autoimmune diseases

              - tear stains

              - weight issues

              - behavioural issues like separation anxiety

              - excessive grass eating

       and many others....

Forza10 combines science with truly clean nutrition from Italy and Iceland (they don't use the same farming practices as often occur in North America) and adds in the power of plants for a powerhouse solution that you and your pet will be glad you tried.

Dr Sergio Canello, DVM, international expert in food-borne diseases and pet lover, together with plant expert Dr Gianandrea Guidetti and their team of researchers and experts have dedicated over 40 years of researching the cause of many of the most common issues pets face today.

They discovered that "you are what you eat" goes for our pets too and too often the way food is farmed in North America is the cause of so many of our pets health issues. 

Oxytetracycline is an antibiotic that is widely used in North American farming and is considered safe. Unfortunately, it enters the bones of the chicken, pigs, cows, etc and creates a chemical change. That new substance is toxic when consumed and it never leaves the bones, so even if treatment is discontinued allowing the animal meat to test negative, it will still be present in any bone used in the diets (there is a lot of bone present in pet food diets), or even chewed on by our pets.

When oxytetracycline in this state is consumed by pets, it is recognized as a toxin and triggers the need for the body to fight. That is done through inflammation - a good thing in small doses as it's a natural defence against a body of "invaders". It's the cause behind vomiting, eye and ear discharge, diarrhea, etc - all working to get rid of something the body recognizes as bad. But when it occurs ongoing, as happens when fed in daily feedings, it now causes a constant state of inflammation which is the leading cause of many of todays health issues. 

Inflammation can show up in a variety of ways - ear, eye, intestinal, skin or organ issues. Even behavioural as toxins shut down normal pathways in the brain. See each formula for more details.

NOTE: Chickens and turkeys, have a large number of bones which increases the amount of toxicity. So next time you are told your dog/cat is "allergic to chicken", it may actually be what the chicken has been given.

Forza10 is based on healing from within through

1. Clean eating 

No Oxytetracycline. No GMO's (which can also lead to inflammation). No intensively farmed proteins. 

2. High inclusion of Omega 3's - properly balance with Omega 6's

Omega 6's are good as they are inflammatory so they help fight off the bad guys, but too many, left unchecked, they can create chronic inflammation. Omega 6's are easy to find in most diets, especially corn and grain based diets

Omega 3's are anti-inflammatory so it is imperative that they balance out the Omega 6's. The ideal ratio is 4:1 or less (Omega 6:Omega 3). The typical range in modern diets (including ours) is 12:1 and often worse. Omega 3's also help with skin, joint and organ health. 

Forza's source for Omega 3's is anchovies - small, clean and whole fish used

        Forza 10 formulas range from  0.8:1 - 4:1 ratio 

3. Power of Plants

Carefully chosen to reduce toxins and their effects, reduce inflammation and boost immune systems as well as target the issues each formula has been created to solve. All either kept separate and cold pressed in heart shaped tablets (Active Line) or micro encapsulated to protect from the heat of extrusion (Legend Line)

And all research backed by science professionals-who also happen to be pet lovers!

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