The Answer Lies Within

Ever wonder how to tell what an animal should eat? The answer lies in their mouth.

Nature created all animals, from their mouth to their digestive system, to be able to efficiently consume the diet they are intended to eat.

Look in your cat's mouth and you will see a mouth made for hunting!

Incisors - small pointy teeth in front of mouth on top and bottom - usefull for picking up small items and grooming - they also help to hold prey while the next teeth go in for the kill

Canines (aka fangs) - these are designed to kill and tear flesh!

Molars - cats have premolars that are sharp and serrated so designed to further tear chunks of meat into smaller pieces to swallow whole.  Then they have 4 molars to crush bone.

None of these are designed to grind food

Since a cat's mouth is designed to eat meat, then it stands to reason that the rest of their body is as well. Mother Nature knows best!

So, while it isn't always feasible, or the best choice, due to nutritional knowledge or convenience, to feed your cat fresh meat, in order to stay as close to their natural diet as possible, look for foods and treats that contain high amounts of meat and avoid cereal grains, etc which they are not designed to eat (if they were, they would have grinding type molars like horses).

Happy feeding!

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