Kidney-Chek For Cats

Kidney-Chek For Cats

1 out of 3 cats aged 7 and older will suffer from kidney disease.

By the time that symptoms show, 60-70% of the kidney will be damaged

Damage is not reversible

Early prevention is key!

Kidney-Chek is a simple and affordable option to detect early stage kidney issues at home using just saliva!

This pic illustrates how to administer the test and then watch the video below for a demonstration


Take a quick pic of the strip at the 2 minute mark as the colour may darken after that point

Look at the centre of the pad - not the outer edges as they may be quite dark

Each inner package contains a second test strip in case the first one gets damaged or something else that voids the results - these do need to be used right away but super helpful if something goes wrong - and if you happen to have 2 cats or dogs you can do them both with one package!

Kidney-Chek doesn't diagnose kidney disease or monitor it after a diagnoses (your vet will administer further testing) but it allows you to see if there are problems arising at a critical early stage that it often isn't caught. 

Catching it early will allow you to start a program to slow down the progression of the damage - possibly extending the remainder of your cat's life by up to 3 times!