Welcome to Pets and People!

Welcome to the Pets and People Blog! 

Here you will find information on all things pet along with the people who love them. 

These are more general pet interest, education, news and information about everything to do with pets. 

We will share what we know and reach out to experts in their fields to do the same as that is why we have experts!

Differing opinions and friendly, productive debate is encourage and open minds are invited so we are able to use these discussions to better lives for our pets. 

Just a quick note on comments as they will be monitored prior to posting.

The idea of this site is to do best by our pets so only comments, questions and input that are in that spirit will be posted. You certainly don't have to agree as it is through open discussion that we learn the most - You just have to be nice 😊

Suggestions of topic ideas are also always welcome! 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 🐾


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