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Great companies have great stories. Read here to learn the stories behind the companies that we partner with and the passion and commitment by the people behind them to do something better for both pets and people. 


                  100% Profits Donated 

              100% Heart and Soul Fueled

The Scott family have had their heart and soul in the industry for 3 generations starting in 1961 when Jim Scott Senior purchased Old Mother Hubbard. Jim Scott Jr and Janet Scott acquired one of the best-known healthy pet foods, WellPet in the late 1990’s.

Two life-altering accidents involving their children in 2005 and 2006 changed their life course. 

 April 2005 their son Andy fell from a balcony and acquired a spinal cord injury leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.  Less than 15 months later, his older brother, Jim, acquired a serious brain injury in a car accident resulting in paralysis of his left side. The Scotts sold the business and focussed on the boys’ recovery. During this time, the Scotts witnessed the importance of the bond with their dog Boomer and the integral role that he played in helping the boys heal as well as supporting the family through such a difficult time.

In 2015, they were so grateful to have had the opportunities they had been given to help their boys that they decided they wanted to give back in 2 ways;

  • To help pets by creating an innovative food with minimal processing, high meat content and no meat meals.
  • To help people by pledging as a family to donate 100% of the profits (after taxes and reserves) to 3 causes;
  1. Service Dogs,
  2. Spinal Cord Injury Research and
  3. Traumatic Brain Injury Research.

Rawz was the result of this and we at Food Fur Thought are so proud to help spread the word of this food and the amazing family behind it and help them with their goal of giving back.

We invite you to do the same!

Rawz Website

Clean Ingredient, Vet Researched, Phytotherapy Based Neutraceutical Diet Solutions                            

Something wasn’t right. Dr. Sergio Canello, DVM and international expert of food-borne diseases, was seeing an alarming amount of chronic, inflammatory and immune based diseases in his clients and set out to find out why. He dedicated forty years of his life to discover and treat the true causes of these diseases affecting dogs and cats and jeopardizing their health and happiness.

He is joined by the equally passionate, pharmacist and phytotherapy expert,  Dr. Gianandrea Guidetti,  who is tirelessly dedicated to his field of study and pet health.

Through 30+, ongoing scientific studies, these 2 experts have unveiled the reason behind many of the chronic issues we are seeing in our pets, from the constant exposure to toxins resulting from intensive farming to chronic imbalances of Omega Fats and have formulated diets using only clean, raw ingredients from Italy,  Iceland and New Zealand, perfectly balanced and  paired with the power of plant therapy.

Their mission

  • help the pets find true solutions to problems they may not be able to find otherwise and help break the cycle that so many pets and pet parents struggle with through clean, balanced ingredients and scientific based phytonutrients
  • give retailers a research based, clean ingredient and scientifically researched solution for their customers.

Forza10 really is a passion project to help pets, backed by science and we are very passionate about helping pet specialty retailers help pet parents find these solutions as well.

Forza10 Website


“Necessity is the mother of invention” 

in searching for a solution to their dog (Karu)’s chronic ear infections, Pamela and Adrian Pettyan found a homemade diet worked best.

Excited by the results, they wanted to give others the opportunity as well, so using human grade ingredients in a human grade facility, they created a line of nourishing stews that look and smell as good as homemade!

They have expanded their lineup to include cat stews, bone broth and soft 'n tasty dog and cat treats and most recently added 3 new broths and 4 new interactive Smoothie treats!

Caru Website

Not many companies have been family owned for over 180 years....

Vitakraft started as a small agricultural retailer over 180 years ago and has grown into one of the largest pet companies in he pet care industry 

Through that, they have remained family owned and ruled by the one key principal "For the love of pets"

Sunseed was created over 36 years ago "By pet lovers, for pet lovers" to find better, cleaner, safer products for birds and small animals and to support the smaller retailers who seek the best for their customers and their pets.

Both companies have been trusted to provide top quality, innovative, scientifically researched nutrition, treats, supplements and bedding for birds, small animals and exotic pets.

Combining companies in 2008, they currently have a worldwide staff of 1600 employees, including on staff nutritionists, veterinarians, zoologists and engineers, all dedicated to enhancing the lives of both pets and pet parents.

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